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Acne Treatments

As sebaceous glands become overactive and produce excess oil, follicles become plugged, inflamed, causing pimples, nodules and cysts called acne. Although acne is not harmful to health, it can be embarrassing while sometimes leaving moderate to severe scarring. There are acne treatment options and skin care products available that can effectively treat acne and reduce the scarring it causes. At Renew Beauty Med Spa, we offer a myriad of treatments to remedy your acne issues.

HydraFacial MD

This facial focuses on most skin conditions that you can think of, making it a super treatment for the skin. It’s commonly used to treat brown spots, acne, sun damage, hyperpigmentation and more! It’s a moisturizer as well, but has also been known to be used on oily skin. This skin treatment is made with Antiox+™ serum, which contains antioxidants (protects the skin from free radicals and boosts functionality of skin cells), hyaluronic acid (a component that’s naturally found in our skin that provides volume) and peptides (amino acids that promote collagen and elastin production in the skin). Read more about HydraFacial here...


A certified dermatologist would lightly graze the skin with a hand-held instrument, usually covered with fine crystals, to gently remove the outer layer of skin. Through removing this layer, the fresh, hydrated skin underneath is revealed and possibly giving a slight glow in comparison the older layer. Read more about microdermabrasion here...



Chemical Peels

A chemical Peel is simply a chemical solution that is applied to the surface of your skin to exfoliate. The solution is made from Alpha-hydroxy acid and will cause the superficial layer skin to lift and peel away. Think of it as a kind of facial. Once the top layer of skin exfoliates and peels away, the fresh layer of skin underneath will be revealed—free of blemishes. Read about the VI Peel here...

Contact us today to set up a consultation in the beautiful city of Dallas, Texas to see for yourself what all of the fuss is about! During your consultation, you will meet with a member of our highly trained staff who can help you to decide on a treatment plan catered specifically to you. Don’t wait any longer to start preparing for a future beautiful you! Come in today!

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