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Smooth and prevent wrinkles in a single treatment.


Botox Will Leave You Looking & Feeling Refreshed

When we are young, our skin produces ample amounts of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid. These substances are the magic ingredients that keep the skin supple and elastic, and keeps wrinkles away. However, the production of these important chemicals begins to decline around age 30. 

Fortunately, when fine lines begin to appear, you can turn to a new kind of magic – Botox Cosmetics. Botox in Dallas is the perfect way to regain fresh and smooth skin.

What is BOTOX and how does it work?

Technically speaking, Botox is a neuromodulator which is a substance that blocks nerves from firing. When injected into specific areas by a trained expert, Botox prevents certain muscles from contracting — resulting in smooth skin and the prevention of wrinkles forming.


With less contraction, your skin’s natural elastin, collagen, and Hyaluronic Acid can keep up better with factors that cause our skin to age. While Botox cannot erase deep-set wrinkles, it will ease dynamic lines and ultimately turn back the clock on your complexion.

FDA-approved for nearly 2 decades, Botox has an outstanding track record of safety and effectiveness. Our first-time patients are always impressed by how much they love their results, and how little they have to sacrifice to get them.

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Additional Uses of BOTOX

Botox in Dallas can do much more than relax fine lines. Here are some of the other ways we are using Botox to improve our patients’ lives:

  • Decrease excessive sweating in the underarms, scalp, forehead, hands or feet

  • Improve TMJ pain

  • Reduce teeth grinding

  • Resolve “orange peel” dimpling on the chin

  • Turn the outer lips upwards, which produces a more plumped appearance

  • Slim the jawline

  • Reduce migraine occurrence

  • Relieve muscle spasms

  • Reduce chronic pain

  • Improve lazy eye

  • Decrease uncontrolled blinking

  • Treat vertical lip lines

  • Ease the neck bands

When Will I See My Results?

Our patients begin to see improvements in their skin in about 3-5 days’ time, but it typically takes 2 weeks for results to fully develop.

Are There Any Side Effects?

Side effects are usually minor, and are limited to bruising, itching, and headache. More serious side effects, like rash or allergic reaction, are very rare.

How Much Does it Cost?

Botox is priced by the unit and the number of  required is based on your individual needs and the areas treated. During your consultation, we can assess your specific needs and determine the right course of action. At that point, we can give you a closer estimate of your cost.


How Long Will My Results Last?

Typically Botox results last about 4 months, at which time you can schedule your touchup appointment to ensure uninterrupted results. Some patients, on the other hand, report that their results last for 6 months. Your results may begin to last longer with more repeat treatments, because the muscles will take longer and longer to recover with each touchup.


What should I expect post-BOTOX appointment?

After your treatment, you should stay up-right for 4 hours. In addition, you should refrain from rubbing the treated area for at least 12 hours after the procedure.


What if I have more questions?

Did you have a question we didn't cover? No problem! Call us at (214) 949-8010 to schedule your complimentary consultation today. During your visit, you'll sit down with one of our talented Aesthetic Nurse Injectors who will answer your questions, discuss your concerns & develop a customized treatment plan just for you!


What makes Renew Beauty your best choice for BOTOX in Dallas?

At Renew Beauty Med Spa, you will always receive real value, genuine products and unmatched customer service. Our team of highly trained Aesthetic Nurse Injectors are experts at delivering drastic, yet natural results. If you're ready to look and feel your best again, give us a call today to begin your Renew Beauty journey!

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