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The only way to burn fat and build muscle

Have you spent hours at the gym and taken the time to carefully monitor your diet but are still not seeing the results you want? Due to a variety of factors, especially genetics, stubborn fat can persist in certain areas of the body. Muscle building can be just as difficult for some who are not as prone to putting on muscle in certain areas. 


Anyone who has spent hours in the gym knows that building an enviable physique can be costly, time-consuming, and lead to minimal results. If you are struggling with the perfect body you may have considered a more intense diet, a new workout routine, or even surgery. Fortunately, there is a way to get the figure you want without any of these options!



Renew Beauty Med Spa offers EMSCULPT NEO in Dallas, a revolutionary way to burn off fat and build muscle in a single treatment. We know that the key to a great body is not only losing fat but getting toned up. EMSCULPT NEO offers both benefits with no downtime, no extra hours in the gym, and no surgery. Learn more about EMSCULPT NEO near you and start your body sculpting journey today by booking with Renew Beauty Med Spa in Dallas or Frisco, TX.