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Your best skin is a treatment away


HydraFacial is for Everyone

Topical skin treatments can only go so far. If you are struggling with dull skin, acne, or other skin problems you may be looking for more permanent solutions that treat your skin problems. 

At Renew Beauty Med Spa in Dallas, TX we offer Hydrafacial. This treatment is an intensive skin cleansing procedure that gets rid of dirt, debris, and congestion. Designed for all skin types, Hydrafacial is an ideal way to achieve flawless skin with no downtime. Learn more about treatment with Hydrafacial by booking a consultation today!

How does Hydrafacial work?

Hydrafacial works like a vacuum to penetrate pores and remove deep-seated dirt and grime. The treatment uses intensive suction to remove dirt that clogs skin and old cells. Unlike traditional skin care methods, Hydrafacial deeply penetrates the skin while exfoliating and cleansing. 


Hydrafacial vs Traditional Skincare

At Renew Beauty Med Spa we always recommend investing in high quality skincare to maintain the results of your treatments. However, even the best skincare products can only go so far. 

Treatment with Hydrafacial can target skin concerns that traditional skincare cannot. The technology in Hydrafacial allows our technicians to reach deeper layers of the skin that may not be touched by topical skincare solutions. 

Hydrafacial can also be used in combination with our other noninvasive treatments like injectables, lasers, and more to achieve comprehensive results in patients of all ages and skin-types. 

Is Hydrafacial safe for all skin types?

We know that those with different skin types may have concerns when it comes to more intensive skincare. Hydrafacial is a safe option for all skin types and tones. 

This procedure only targets impurities in the skin. With Hydrafacial, you can be confident that you are only targeting environmental factors that cause clogging and acne in any type of skin. 

Image by Alexi Romano

What is treatment like?

Hydrafacial works in a three-step process that targets multiple layers of the skin. While the results from treatment are profound, the treatment itself is completely non-invasive and is comfortable. 

We start with a consultation in which we discuss your aesthetic goals. Your provider will give you the best recommendation to help you achieve a flawless complexion.  

The Hydrafacial treatment itself only takes about an hour to thirty minutes. You should feel comfortable during treatment, as most Dallas patients report no pain. 

Image by Jake Nackos

How often should I get a Hydrafacial?

For best results, we recommend repeating treatment with Hydrafacial every 4 weeks. This non-invasive treatment can help keep your skin clear and bright while preventing wrinkles. 

For those with problems like acne we may suggest a more frequent Hydrafacial treatment plan. 

What is aftercare like?

Hydrafacial is not as intense as some of our other treatments like a chemical peel. Most Hydrafacial patients can immediately return to normal activities. 

After your Hydrafacial treatment, you will immediately notice brighter, more clear skin. We recommend pursuing this treatment close to important events and if you are looking for a more systematic way to treat deep skin concerns like acne. 


Book your Hydrafacial treatment today

Beautiful skin is a treatment away. Hydrafacial is a proven procedure that can be added to your skincare routine. Whether you are looking for brighter skin or a solution to acne, Hydrafacial can help you achieve your goals. 

We have locations in both Dallas and Frisco. We would love to speak to you more about laser hair removal and our other noninvasive body treatments that can help you reach your aesthetic goals. 

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