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Juvéderm in Dallas — Lift, Smooth & Restore Your Look

It’s a disappointing fact of life: The skin changes drastically as we age, and it affects our appearance and, sometimes, self-confidence. Starting at the age of about 21, each year the body produces less and less collagen, hyaluronic acid and elastin — all ingredients that make skin look supple and youthful. As we age, the skin also becomes thinner and drier. Fine lines, folds and wrinkles will begin to appear, and the skin won’t bounce or glow the way it used to.

Fortunately, experts have delivered a one-size-fits-all answer to these signs of aging: Juvéderm! Dallas patients are blown away by the versatility and effectiveness of Juvéderm dermal filler. Created by the same company who brought us Botox Cosmetics, it truly does it all – softens fine lines, lifts the face, and restores volume – without any surgery or drastic measures.  

Simply put, Juvéderm counteracts the loss of those magic skin ingredients, and when administered under the skin it restores your skin’s volume and smooth out wrinkles to give you the fullness you want. Whether you want to boost the volume of your lips or cheeks, fill forehead or nasolabial lines, smooth neck lines, or treat other aging areas… Juvéderm is the solution.

What is Juvéderm?

At Renew Beauty, we are proud to offer the Juvéderm product family! Juvéderm dermal filler are hypoallergenic, versatile, and highly effective. This unique dermal filler utilizes VYCROSS technology, which binds the gel molecules tightly, and allows Juvéderm to last much longer than many other dermal fillers.

The active ingredient in Juvéderm products is hyaluronic acid (HA). This substance is familiar and safe, because your body already produces it. Holding dozens of awards and well known for its safety and effectiveness — it is no surprise that the Juvéderm collection of fillers is among the top rated by patients and providers.

Juvéderm has a wide range of products, each with different strengths and designed specially to allow your provider to deliver the best treatment possible. Below is a thorough list of the different Juvéderm fillers and products...

The Collection of Juvéderm Fillers

  • Juvéderm — The most established and versatile, the original formula is ideal for patients who have mid-face aesthetic concerns. Juvéderm treats lines and wrinkles around the nose and mouth, as well as nasolabial folds and other concerns.

  • Juvéderm UltraUltra smooths wrinkles and delivers natural-looking results that can last a year or longer. It’s typically used around the mouth and lips, and is great for lip augmentation or treating smile lines.

  • Juvéderm Ultra PlusUnlike Juvéderm Ultra, Ultra Plus can be used on facial areas other than the lips and mouth area, namely around the nose. More dense than Juvéderm Ultra, Ultra Plus is best for moderate to severe wrinkles and folds. It is excellent for reducing parentheses and marionette lines.

  • Juvéderm Vollure XCVollure is another product known for its versatility. It can be used on everything from fine lines to deep folds. It’s perfect for treating volume loss at any level, including parentheses lines, marionette lines, and cheek hollows. With Vollure, results last even longer – up to 18 months.

  • Juvéderm Voluma XCThis product is perfect for correcting age-related volume loss in the cheek area, or augmenting the chin area to improve the profile.

  • Juvéderm Volbella XCVolbella is best suited for producing soft, natural-looking lip augmentation. It can also treat smoker’s lines around the mouth or the hollows under the eyes.

  • Juvéderm VoluxThe newest product from the Juvéderm family, this is the longest-lasting ever, and one of the thickest. It is used to sculpt the lower face, and is meant to look and feel similar to bone once it settles.

  • Juvéderm VoliftVolift is formulated to go under the skin smoothly and last exceptionally long. It is best for powerful face contouring as well as significant lip plumping.

  • Juvéderm VoliteWhile still considered a part of the Juvéderm Collection of Fillers, this one is not actually a dermal filler; it is an injectable HA skin conditioner. It is injected into the middle layers of the dermis, and is used to improve overall skin smoothness, elasticity and hydration.

Juvederm Results You'll Love


Benefits of Juvéderm

​You may still be wondering, is Juvéderm right for me? FDA-approved and very safe, most people over 21 are ideal candidates for Juvéderm. Dallas patients not only chose this hyaluronic acid-based dermal filler for its safety, but for the amazing benefits it offers:

  • Smooths The smooth gel texture of Juvéderm is perfect for ironing out fine lines and creases to give you an all over smooth complexion.

  • PlumpsThe lips and cheeks may need a little bit of volume to look healthy and youthful. Juvéderm is the best way to give these areas a natural, yet beautiful boost.

  • ReshapesWant to alter the shape of your cheeks, chin or nose? Juvéderm creates authentic-looking contours and definition in the face, giving you your ideal face shape.

  • Looks naturalJuvéderm delivers natural results time and time again. The combination of a great injector and fillers featuring body-native ingredients ensure a realistic final look, instead of artificial or “plastic.”

  • Lasts longMany patients hesitate to receive injections that will only last for three or four months. Juvéderm, on the other hand, is the only dermal filler that is FDA-approved to last up to one year. Some patients report that their results last even longer. Basically, Juvéderm in Dallas will double your time and ultimately save you money.

  • Produces Collagen Studies have shown demonstrable regenerative results with increased levels of Type I procollagen next to injected dermal filler (such as Juvéderm). Procollagen is the precursor to mature Type I collagen – your body’s own long lasting collagen.

  • Eliminates allergiesJuvéderm is sometimes called a “next-generation” dermal filler, because it is non-animal based, and is composed of body-safe hyaluronic acid. Juvéderm eliminates much of the risk of potential allergic reactions or adverse effects.


If you’re looking for a low-risk, high-reward treatment to boost your confidence, Juvéderm is tested, proven and likely a perfect fit for you!

What Areas & Concerns Can be Treated with Juvéderm?


Juvéderm is preferable over other filler brands when it comes to mid-face treatments such as cheek contouring. Our face often changes with aging and Juvéderm corrects hollowed areas and restores lost volume to the cheeks and midface to make you look younger and feel like you again.


Maybe you always had thinner lips, or maybe your once-full lips have lost their oomph over time. Our experts can instantly fill fine lines, plump the lips, and add definition to your lip borders with Juvéderm.


Thick fillers like Juvéderm Volux can be used to build the jawline and enhance the profile. You’ll get even better results when you combine jaw filler with Kybella, the injectable that melts double chin fat.

Under Eyes

Many patients try to correct the hollows under the eyes with serums and creams, but the truth is, they may still need a touch of filler. Juvéderm in Dallas can fill the under-eye areas so that you leave our offices looking more bright and awake.

Mouth Lines

Aging, smoking, straw-using, and lip-puckering may cause lines to appear above and around the mouth. Juvéderm can smooth out any imperfection to give you a picture-perfect smile.

Nasolabial Folds

Smile lines run from the nose to the sides of the mouth. Unbothersome when you’re smiling, over time they become etched into the face and appear even when you’re not. If you’re ready to rid yourself of these lines then it’s time for Juvéderm!

Marionette Lines

These are the lines that run down from either side of the mouth to the chin. They contribute to the appearance of aging, but even deep marionette lines can be softened with Juvéderm.

Other Wrinkles

We all wrinkle differently, and Juvéderm can treat an array of lines, therefore bringing the focus away from these signs of aging and back to your natural beauty.

Acne Scarring

If you’ve ever battled with acne, you may be left with some small dents in the skin, or an uneven texture or tone. Dermal filler smooths out the appearance of acne scars by filling them in and giving your skin a flat, even surface.

Your Questions, Answered

What is the Juvéderm Treatment Experience Like?

Here’s what to expect before and during your visit...

  1. Before your treatment, you will begin with your free consultation. One of our expert Nurse Injectors will not only review your medical history to make sure Juvéderm is a safe option for you, but will also discuss your goals in detail in order to recommend the best treatment possible.

  2. One week before treatment, avoid taking aspirin. This blood thinner can interfere with your dermal filler results. Switch to Tylenol for the time being.

  3. One the day of your treatment, if desired, we will first dumb the area that’s being treated — for some people or areas this won’t even be necessary. Your provider will then meticulously administer the Juvéderm into the desired area(s). The treatment only takes one hour or less, depending on which area(s) you are having treated.

Is There Downtime & When Will I See My Results?

In most cases, you won’t require any downtime after Juvéderm. Dallas patients usually jump back into their usual activities as soon as they walk out the door. While you may experience minor side effects, such as swelling or bruising, nothing should keep you from work or other responsibilities.
We recommend that our Juvéderm patients:

  • Avoid alcohol for 24 hours after treatment

  • Do not visit the tanning or sauna for the first few days after Juvéderm

  • Avoid too much sun exposure for several days

  • Do not undergo a massage, especially near the treatment area, for two weeks following treatment


You can expect to start seeing your results right away, but it may take two weeks for your final results to appear.

How is Juvéderm priced?

Juvéderm in Dallas is priced based on the number of syringes given. A single syringe may be enough to target lip lines, while most other areas may require two or more syringes. During your consultation, we can give you an idea of the value of your unique Juvéderm treatment after we’ve determined your needs.

Are There Any Potential Side Effects?

Juvéderm side effects are consistent with other facial-injection procedures. Common side effects include tenderness, bruising, redness, itching and swelling. If you happen to experience any of these side effects, rest assured they should resolve themselves within a few days.

What If I Have More Questions?

Did you have a question we didn't cover? No problem! Call us at (214) 949-8010 to schedule your complimentary consultation today. During your visit, you'll sit down with one of our talented Aesthetic Nurse Injectors who will answer your questions, discuss your concerns & develop a customized treatment plan just for you!

What Makes Renew Beauty the Best Choice for Juvederm in Dallas?

It goes without saying that when it comes to the face, you want the best of the best. At Renew Beauty, our patients receive unparalleled care. Our providers have advanced experience with Juvéderm. Dallas patiences are able to achieve  beautiful, yet natural results thanks to the expert training and aesthetic eye our injectors hold.

Ready to take the first steps towards looking and feeling your best? Call us today at (214) 949-8010 and schedule your FREE consultation. We can’t wait to meet you!


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