Kelly R.N. | renew-beauty-med-spa

Specializing In:

•Cosmetic Injections

•Lip, Chin, & Cheek Augmentation

•Jawline Conturing

•Anti-Aging & Laser Aesthetics

•Volume Replacement


Kelly Snow

R.N. - Advanced Cosmetic Nurse Injector

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Kelly Benignetti, RN, specializes in cosmetic injections including Botox, derma fillers, and Kybella. Kelly has been an RN for over 6 years & graduated from Western Illinois University. She has found her passion in aesthetic nursing - " I can combine nursing with art while enhancing my patients natural beauty. I absolutely love making my patients feel beautiful and doing whatever I can do to boost their confidence. I believe in continued education and strive to keep up with the latest practices and techniques and plan on becoming a Nurse Practitioner in the near future."
Kelly loves performing full facial contouring, cheek, lip and chin augmentation, injections for wrinkles & fine lines and Coolsculpting.

Lip Fillers