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laser hair removal dallas


Laser Hair Removal in Dallas — Say Goodbye to Unwanted Hair

Are you sick and tired of embarrassing face or body hair? Not only that, but are you done with short-term shaving, stinky depilatory creams, painful razor bumps, and endless itching?

Say goodbye to all of the annoyances of unwanted hair, and say hello to silky smooth skin. Laser hair removal in Dallas permanently reduces hair to the point where you can throw away your razors and cancel your regular waxing sessions.

There is no need to waste more time constantly shaving when here at Renew Beauty we provide the most effective laser hair removal treatments in the city. If you're ready to achieve real results, it's time to allow one of our experts to create a customized laser hair removal treatment so that you can enjoy more time in your schedule and more confidence in your skin. To learn more, keep reading or call us at (214) 949-8010.

What is Laser Hair Removal and How Does it Work?

During laser hair removal, a laser device emits an intense light that is absorbed by the pigment in the hair. The light energy converts to heat, and the high temperature permanently damages the hair follicles. Because hair follicles are responsible for hair production, the heat damage from the laser will significantly delay or permanently prevent future hair growth.

Are results permanent? Laser hair removal permanently reduces hair. Most patients achieve 90% less hair growth, and any hair that recurs will be much finer and softer (and therefore far more manageable). 

Can laser hair removal work on dark skin or light hair? While laser hair removal is the most effective for people who have light skin and dark hair, it can be used successfully on all different skin types. Because the device targets the pigment in the hair, they cannot effectively remove light blonde, grey, or white hairs. However, many lighter hair colors still contain some pigment, and can still be removed with laser treatments.


If you're unsure if your hair is dark enough for laser hair removal, we encourage you to schedule a complimentary consultation with one of our laser experts. They will be able to determine if this treatment is right for you.

No More Irritation — Just Smooth, Sexy Skin

You already know that you can eliminate unwanted hair and many hours of endless shaving and painful waxing with laser hair removal. But there’s so much more to this miracle treatment.

  • No more itching. Say goodbye to that constant itching sensation. The feeling of hair growing back after shaving or waxing is enough to drive anyone crazy.

  • No more bumps. With no shaving and no hair growth, there are no more razor bumps or acne-like breakouts to worry about.

  • Better skin. Get a smoother, more complete finish with laser hair removal. Get rid of those dark spots for good.

  • More effective shaving and waxing. If you ever need a touchup, you’ll get a lot more bang for your buck. After laser hair removal, the hairs are fewer and finer, and can be quickly removed waxing, shaving or threading.

The Benefits of Laser Hair Removal in Dallas

Here are the reasons why laser hair removal is a great investment.

  • Proven Safe — Laser treatments have been used safely for many years for a variety of medical and cosmetic purposes, and serious side effects are very rare.

  • Comfort-Inducing Not only are laser hair removal treatments more comfortable than waxing, but they also lead to long-term comfort: No more ingrown hairs, razor burn or itching.

  • Confidence-BoostingHair removal is needed so frequently that it might feel like a complete waste of your time. Laser hair removal is effective, efficient, and provides a long-term solution for that embarrassing unwanted hair.

What Areas Can Be Treated with Laser Hair Removal

laser hair removal dallas

As long as you avoid the delicate eye area or tattooed skin, it is possible to laser hair away anywhere! The areas we most commonly treat with laser hair removal in Dallas include:

  • Upper lip

  • Back

  • Cheeks

  • Chin

  • Neck

  • Chest or breasts

  • Arms

  • Bikini area

  • Legs

  • Eyebrows

How Many Sessions Are Needed?

You’ll need multiple treatments to achieve the full hair removal effect. With each treatment, hair growth is reduced further. The number of treatments you need will depend on your hair color, skin color, hair type, and treatment area. Keep in mind that men may require one or two extra sessions due to those male hormones that encourage hair growth.

Why do you need multiple sessions of laser hair removal? Because the hair grows in three phases.

  1. Anagen (the growth phase): This is when the hair is the thickest and darkest, and the only time the hair can be removed by laser.

  2. Catagen (the transitional phase): When the hair is loosening from its follicle.

  3. Telogen (the shedding phase): When the hair falls out to make room for new growth.


If a hair is in the catagen or telogen phase, laser hair removal will not be effective. Most patients need 4-6 treatments to ensure they catch all hairs in the anagen phase. The treatments are usually spaced 4-6 weeks apart.

Your Questions, Answered.

What is the Laser Hair Removal Experience Like?

Your hair must be growing for laser hair removal to work, so avoid plucking, waxing, tweezing, threading, or using hair removal creams before your procedure. Shaving within 24 hours before the procedure is recommended, since it leaves hair in the growing phase. During treatment:

  1. We prep the area and draw lines to map out the treatment plan.

  2. We apply the laser. Each laser pulse takes a fraction of a second, and treats many hairs simultaneously.

  3. The laser will selectively target the hairs while leaving surrounding skin undamaged.

Treatments average under 30 minutes (depending on the area – the upper lip can be treated in less than one minute). You can bring headphones or a book to pass the time!

Does laser hair removal hurt? Some patients report a little discomfort, like a rubber band snapping against the skin. However, we can use topical anesthetic, ice and other techniques that make the procedure quite comfortable – definitely less painful than waxing. Laser hair removal also becomes progressively less painful as treatments continue and the hair grows finer.

Is There Downtime and When Will I See Results?

Any redness or swelling should resolve within a few hours post-treatment. You can apply a cool compress or Aloe Vera gel to soothe the skin. Please keep the treated area out of the sun for at least one week.

The destroyed hair follicles will begin shedding hair within a week of treatment. You’ll see less and less hair after each laser session. Remember, multiple treatments will be needed to target as many hairs as possible. If you receive 5 sessions about 4 weeks apart, you’ll get your final results within 21 weeks of your first session.

Are There Any Potential Side Effects?

Some patients may see hyperpigmentation or blistering in the treated area, but those symptoms usually only last a few days. Laser hair removal is a low-risk procedure that yields excellent, long-lasting results.  

Why Choose Renew Beauty for Laser Hair Removal?

laser hair removal dallas

You can expect the highest level of safety and best results when you receive laser hair removal in Dallas at Renew Beauty Med Spa.

We’ve all got unwanted hair… here, there, and for some of us, just about everywhere. Our medical and nursing professionals have mastered laser hair removal, and have helped so many of our patients achieve sexier skin. Say goodbye to bumps, stubble, and irritation by calling (214) 949-80100 today. ​


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