Renew Beauty Med Spa and Salon | Lipo Dissolve | Fat Reduction

Lipo Dissolve revolutionary new procedure to melt fat.  It is the name of a treatment with microinjections to induce fat lysis of the face and body without surgery. 

What areas can be treated successfully with Lipo Dissolve?

There are many areas can be treated with Lipo Dissolve, but some areas respond better than others. At Renew Beauty Med Spa and Salon, we can perform Lipo Dissolve on the following areas:

  • Upper abdomen/belly

  • Lower abdomen/belly

  • Inner thighs

  • Outer thighs

  • Love handles

  • Lower ButtocksBanana rolls (area below buttock)

  • Back rolls (area below bra)

  • Front/back area around armpits

  • Double Chin (below the chin)

  • Jowls

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