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Take Your
Youth Back

Has your skin lost its youthful appearance? Whether you want to bid adieu to stubborn fat or get the results of a facelift without surgery, Morpheus8’s revolutionary microneedling technology produces visible results that can turn back the hands of time on aging. 


What is Morpheus8?

It boosts collagen production to maintain a youthful look

Morpheus8 is a radiofrequency microneedling device that penetrates the skin at a much deeper level than other microneedling treatments (about 8mm) to create dramatic rejuvenation. Its targeted microinjury amplifies collagen production and triggers the skin’s natural healing response to promote skin tightening and lifting. 

How does Morpheus8 help me?

Tightens loose skin
Morpheus8 is one of the best ways to address skin laxity and premature aging. It can be used on many areas of the body. The combination of radiofrequency and microneedling deeply penetrates the skin to promote cell turnover for a more youthful appearance. 

Targets skin imperfections
From fine lines and wrinkles to stretch marks, dark spots, and sun damage, Morpheus8 can drastically improve the appearance of skin and texture. 

Reduces acne scarring
The stimulated collagen production from a Morpheus8 treatment fills in acne scaring, resulting in smooth, radiant skin. 

Who is Morpheus8 for?

Morpheus8 is ideal for people between the ages of 30 and 35 who have visible signs of aging that they would like to improve; those suffering from loose skin; and patients who have active acne or acne scars that do not respond to oral and/or topical medications. 

How many Morpheus8 treatments will I need?

Typically, at least three treatments are recommended for full results. Results can last about a year. The after-effects of the treatment are noticeably firmer, tighter, plumper, and smoother skin.

How long does it take to heal from a Morpheus8 treatment?

Moderate erythema (swelling) and sunburn sensation is common and may last three to five days. The skin may crust or peel depending on treatment settings and targeted areas. It is important to avoid harsh skin care like retinol and acids for 10 to 14 days after treatment, avoid sun exposure for the first 48 hours after treatment and do not pick or touch treated areas. 

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What makes Renew Beauty your best choice for Semaglutide in Dallas?

With over 14 years of beauty industry excellence, we provide beauty services you can trust, specializing in solutions for all skin types, and customize a treatment plan for you.

Our team of beauty experts are here to help you navigate complex skin concerns, make recommendations for your next refresh and ultimately, help you feel safe and secure when moving forward with your next med spa service.

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