Nicole R.N. | renew-beauty-med-spa

Specializing In:

•Cosmetic Injections

•Lip, Chin, & Cheek Augmentation

•Jawline Conturing

•Anti-Aging & Laser Aesthetics

•Volume Replacement


Nicole Peña

R.N. - Advanced Cosmetic Nurse Injector

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Nicole Pena R.N.
Nicole has a passion for Cosmetic Injections, Anti-Aging & Women’s wellness. She graduated from El Centro as an R.N. 14 years ago and also has a BA in psychology from Texas State University. She specializes in Botox, lip, cheek, & chin augmentation, Kybella and laser aesthetics. She is an integral part of our HRT (hormone replacement therapy) program, nutrient testing & weight loss for women seeking better health and wellness. Her enthusiasm and caring has helped our clients look and feel their best. 

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