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The PDO Thread Lift is a treatment which lifts and tightens sagging skin tissue, using threads made of Polydioxanone (PDO). The threads are gently inserted into the deeper layers of the skin. Once introduced, the threads produce Instant Skin Lifting, Cellular Renewal through Collagen stimulation improving skin texture, fine lines and elasticity and skin tightening by contracting fat tissue. Also called the "Ponytail Thread Lift" or "Non Surgical Face Lift" PDO threads are fast, safe and non surgical with no downtime.

What areas can you use PDO Threads on?

Lifting and Tightening can be achieved with PDO Threads in multiple area such as:
Jowls, Lips, Brow Lift, Neck, Chest, Abdomen, Knees, Back of Arms

More on PDO Threads:

A PDO Thread Lift is a minimally invasive procedure. After numbing, the PDO threads are inserted via needles into different layers of the skin. Once inserted, the threads anchor the skin and lift it upwards. The excess threads outside the skin are then removed. The procedure takes anywhere from 15-30 minutes and only creates minimal if any discomfort.

After about 6 months post treatment the PDO threads will disappear through absorption into the body. The lifted facial contours will remain for about 3-6 months additional, due to the cellular rejuvenation effects. The skin cells are stimulated to produce new collagen, and new blood vessels to improve skin microcirculation. At the same time, the PDO threads cause the fat tissue to contract, producing a skin tightening and facial slimming effect.​