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Dallas Woman Entrepreneur Celebrates 14 Years in DFW Beauty Industry

Updated: Nov 24, 2022

Renew Beauty Med Spa Founder Louise Proulx commemorates business acumen with $14,000 in giveaways at Studio 54-inspired party.

“A combination of bootstrap beauty entrepreneur meets the strong desire of Dallasite to want to renew their beauty is why we are celebrating 14 years!”

DALLAS, 11/X/2022 – Dallas entrepreneur Louise Proulx’s renowned med spa Renew Beauty at North ParkCenter is well known for providing customized skin care and alluring solutions to many of the most beautiful faces in the metroplex.

But the story is so much more compelling – this savvy businesswoman has survived and thrived through the ebbs and flows of the consumer beauty market, the 2008 stock market crash, and, most recently, a global pandemic. What’s her beauty secret to sustaining success?

“When I opened the spa in September 2008, the morning headline was about the stock market crash. Yet, I forged ahead as a leader in innovation and strategy to be the best and offer state-of-the-art technology in a relaxed spa-like atmosphere – who wouldn’t want to take that journey,” Proulx says.

“I knew my passion for the industry, undaunted enthusiasm, and desire to help people look and feel beautiful at any age would inspire me to work hard and develop my team and client relationships,” Proulx continues. “I have survived against all odds because of the loyalty of my team and clients – many of whom have been with me since day one – who put their trust in me. A combination of a bootstrap beauty entrepreneur meets the strong desire of Dallistes to renew their beauty, which is why we are celebrating 14 years!”

Featured in reads such as D Magazine, D CEO, ModLuxe, and more, Renew Beauty has more than made a name for itself locally. The spa has also been ranked among the nation’s top 25 med spas by Allegan Aesthetics and is known as a leader and pioneer in technology, innovation, and results-driven beauty solutions.

With the success of her NorthPark Center location in Dallas, Proulx expanded to Frisco, Texas, just before the pandemic with a new location in Stonebriar Centre and has plans to continue to open new spas in other Texas markets.

“I see only beautiful opportunities ahead,” she says.

To celebrate 14 years of business acumen, Proulx is all about letting the party continue.

Taking a page from the Studio 54 era – renowned for its unabashed hedonism and chart-topping hits such as I will survive and Staying Alive – Renew Beauty’s NorthPark Center location will transform into a disco for the anniversary soiree.

Starting at 3 p.m. Nov. 10 at its North Park location, live music will rock the disco beat as a DJ spins inside the spa filled with a fusion of beauty bites, champagne, beauty vendors, live demonstrations, entertainment, exclusive event pricing, luxury giveaways, and $14,000 worth of prizes throughout the night to mark the occasion.

Proulx says the inspiration for the soiree stems from the same spirit behind those dancing the nights away at Studio 54.

“Studio 54 came when people were tired of the political scene, economic ups and downs, and just wanted to dance and have a good time,” Proulx says. “We are taking a page from that reference and giving our customers something fun and exciting amidst a world of not-so-good news.

“Let’s dance the night away with a throwback to the 70s – a time when we were carefree and enjoyed expressing ourselves through music - a diversion from all the challenges being faced in an uncertain world.”


Renew Beauty Med Spa is dedicated to helping its clients renew their beauty by feeling and looking their best at any age. For 14 years, Renew Beauty has specialized in the latest advances in skin rejuvenation, anti-aging, and laser aesthetics. Located in NorthPark Center Dallas and Stonebriar Centre Frisco, Renew Beauty is a full-service, all-inclusive

med spa and wellness center that aims to provide unprecedented prevention and rejuvenation treatments. Their extensive list of services boasts the most popular and quality cosmetics, medical and wellness treatments, including body contouring, Emsclulpt Neo, CoolSculpting, Cosmetic Injections, medical grade skin care, non-surgical skin resurfacing treatments, laser hair removal, advanced skincare products, services, and more. Open seven days a week; guests can expect to be treated and pampered by a team of nurses, estheticians, and skin care experts- many of whom have been with Renew Beauty since its inception.

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