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In celebration of Earth Day lets talk clean beauty!

Updated: Oct 7, 2021

In celebration of Earth Day lets talk clean beauty!   As the season shifts, many of our clients come in for treatments to get ready for summer, and we can hardly keep sunscreen on our shelves! And a topic we keep hearing is “what’s an organic product or service I can use for my skin!?”   As we look at Earth Day, we see a trend that has happened in the food and manufacturing movement for the past 10 years becoming ever more important in skin care. The natural and organic revolution is happening now in beauty as people realize that what we put onto our skin is just as important as what we eat. And remember, natural doesn’t need to be organic, but organic has to be natural.   Popular organic skin care products at Renew beauty include Eminence skin care, and FarmHouse Fresh, which is a Mckinney, Texas based company that manufactures all their skin and body products on their farm. It’s vegan, and a nutritious treat for all skin types. All of these “from the earth products feature naturally derive: hydration moisturizers, masques, body products and natural mineral sun screens)   Grown locally, FarmHouse Fresh uses plants, vegetables and natural oils in their ingredients. Both , no preservatives , parabans and no animal testing.  Soaps, hand and body creams , masques, toniques, scrubs and moisturizers to meet every skin care need and for all ethnicities.   We need to be thoughtful about what we put onto our skin and the effects it could have. The Earth has given us so much when it comes to skincare. For example, greens for your skin, such as the stone crop plant, heals irritations and helps to reduce pigmentation. Emmience organic skin care is a go to for clean, healthy and vegan skin care choices.   And botanicals are loaded with powerful antioxidants and essential oils. Essential oils fight free radicals and offer that clean fragrance we love.   With many natural products like the ones we brought today, even the packaging is kind to the environment. You’ll notice many of these are in glass bottles- not plastic.   Favorites when it comes to natural skincare?   Coconut oil is always a favorite, because it’s so versatile. It’s great to hydrate and nourish the skin and body. Emmience Organics has great Coconut oil based skin care- always top sellers!   We also love fruit-based peels that contain natural acids. They’re perfect for brightening, tightening and giving your skin that radiant glow. Fruit extracts and fruit enzymes are great for people that have sensitive skin. They have the ability to gently exfoliate, balance your PH levels, and refine the appearance of our pores.   Are clean and natural products as effective?  Yes. The demand for alternatives that are just as effective has proven that natural ingredients can deliver results that are just as effective, if not better for many people due to skin sensitivities and allergies, as synthetic ones.

Not sure what products are best for you? Virtual Consults online at Renew Beauty are free with our skin care expert!

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