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Embrace National Botox Day with Renew Beauty Med Spa on November 15

Join us for a week-long extravaganza of exclusive offers, promotions, and expert insights as we celebrate our Golden Birthday and National Botox Day!

Once upon a time, turning back the clock on your skin was a mere fantasy. Today, that fantasy is reality, thanks to the modern-day marvel known as Botox.

Renew Beauty Med Spa isn't just an advocate of this revolutionary treatment; we're aficionados, celebrating the wonders of Botox with a passion for aesthetic perfection. This year, as we approach the fourth annual National Botox Cosmetic Day, we're elated to share a momentous occasion: the convergence of this industry-celebrated day with Renew Beauty Med Spa’s Golden 15th Anniversary.

"It's serendipitous that National Botox Day aligns with our 15th anniversary,” says Renew Beauty Founder Louise Proulx. “It's a day that reflects our commitment to beauty and rejuvenation, marking a decade and a half of passion and expertise.”

This dual celebration isn't just a nod to Botox Cosmetic's impact on the industry—it's a mission to enlighten and celebrate the transformative power of this celebrated treatment.

Since its inception, National Botox Day, falling on the third Wednesday of November has grown into a hallmark event, sparking excitement from coast to coast. For Renew Beauty Med Spa, it's a golden opportunity to forge connections, share our wealth of knowledge, and celebrate the confidence that blooms from looking your absolute best.

In honor of this dual celebration, we're thrilled to present an array of exclusive promotions. Enjoy special event pricing of $9.99 per Botox unit, double Allē points, and loyalty rewards that bring the luxury of beauty within reach.

We warmly invite you to our locations at NorthPark Center, Stonebriar Centre in Frisco, and our upcoming location at The Parks Mall in Arlington. Immerse yourself in the allure of National Botox Day—let us escort you toward unveiling the most radiant version of yourself. Enjoy champagne, light bites, prizes, and fun as you are dazzled at our 15th birthday celebration.

"Celebrating 15 years in the beauty industry is a testament to our dedication and love for what we do,” Louise says. “It's a journey marked by countless stories of transformation and renewal, a golden thread woven through the fabric of our spa's history.

“I hope you all join us at this remarkable celebration, where every guest will shine as bright as the milestones we honor.”

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