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Stay Home This Galentine’s Day With an Extravagant Spa Experience

Updated: Nov 1, 2022

Grab your favorite champagne and treat your best gal pals (or boo) to an indulgent at-home spa experience this Galentine’s Day.

Celebrated on February 13th, the genesis of Galentine’s Day is rooted in feminine energy and all about celebrating friendship and womanhood. It all began on the hilarious Parks and Recreation sitcom, where enthusiastic Leslie Knope organized Valentine’s Brunch for the women in her life.

We couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate the occasion than with an indulgent at-home spa day. Set the mood by asking your friends to collaborate on a relaxing Spotify playlist, stop at Eataly for fromage et charcuterie staples, and pick up some candles–we’re currently loving Eucalyptus by Diptyque.

To create the ultimate spa experience, we’ve highlighted our top picks:

Eminence Chocolate Mousse Hydration Mask

Nothing says Galentine’s like chocolate, and this indulgent mask does a whole lot more than smell divine. Chocolate is rich in polyphenols, which possess antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. What does this mean for the skin? It smooths lines and plumps the skin. When picking a facemask, make sure to choose organic ones that have active ingredients. Eminence checks all of those boxes. In addition to the cocoa, the product is filled with macadamia, almond, and jojoba oils, which provide deep hydration that will leave your skin irresistibly smooth and firm. P.S., don’t forget the hot towels to make it a better spa experience.

Revision Skincare Pore Purifying Clay Mask

Designed to detox and bring impurities out to the surface of the skin, Revision Skincare’s Pore Purifying Clay Mask is perfect for people with oily skin. The clay helps unclog pores and absorb excess oil, and salicylic acid gently exfoliates, while soothing ingredients like oat and cucumber keep skin from drying out. It is also formulated with tea tree oil, a well-known natural ingredient used to treat acne.

Skin Gym Youth Haus Golden Glow Gold Face Mask

Another fantastic face mask option, the Youth Haus Golden Glow Gold face masks, are drenched in hyaluronic acid, collagen, retinol, and bakuchiol – hello, youthful radiance! Another option for those more concerned with detoxifying problematic skin is the brand’s Royal Black Diamond Face Mask has collagen, peptides, and honey to help the skin glow, while charcoal gently exfoliates. Make sure to pick up a roller to help the product sink into the skin.

Skin Gym Face Sculptor Beauty Roller

Not only are beauty rollers perfect for helping products soak into the skin, but they also mimic the feeling of a professional face massage. Major bonus points because they also sculpt your face, increase circulation, and help drain the lymphatic system. Don’t forget the eyes by picking up the brand’s Black Diamon Eye Patches.

Skin Gym Rose Quartz Crystal Facial Roller

Rose quartz symbolizes love – and we all want that type of energy in our lives. When you put it on your skin, it will help calm the skin down and nourish it. It also helps with removing any swelling or lymphatic buildup. Using a roller with a beauty oil will help it perfectly glide across the face.

Eminence Facial Recovery Oil

Following your face mask, make sure to massage a recovery oil into the skin. Grown in a closed-loop farming method and often called “liquid gold” by fans, the Eminence Facial Recovery Oil has arnica and tea tree oil in it, making the entire experience soothing, healing, and relaxing. Don’t forget to apply the product down your neck to your chest and décolleté.

Saint Jane Beauty Luxury Body Serum

A classic, Saint Jane Beauty’s Luxury Body Serum is infused with 200 mg of soothing, full-spectrum CBD and 28 brightening and hydrating botanicals. Its light scent is intoxicating, and its luxurious texture that quickly absorbs makes it the ideal product for the entire body – and yes, even your hair – to nourish and hydrate.

Eminence Cinnamon Kiss Lip Plumper

Who doesn’t want a full, pillowy pout? A favorite of celebrity actress Kristin Bell. Eminence Cinnamon Kiss Lip Plumper instantly makes lips visibly fuller and brings out their natural color. Certified organic, this spicy gloss features cinnamon oil, clove oil, and paprika and is nourished with active ingredients that leave a beautiful shine while it conditions the lips.

Ipsum Lip Oil Balm

What we love about Ipsum Lip Oil Balm is how nourishing it is. It has antiaging properties in it, but it also feels fantastic on your lips. You put it on, and it will instantly take dryness away. With its coveted burst of instant hydration–and backing by celebrity Kim Kardashian, the Ipsum Lip Oil balm blends hydrating and moisturizing plant oils such as Tomato Fruit extract that provide high levels of skin-nurturing vitamins and antioxidants to protect the skin, Pomegranate Seed oil to heal and regenerate skin, and Australian grown and harvested Macadamia oil to nourish and protect. Creamier than a balm, the product has a pleasing light rose smell and melts into the skin, leaving your lips with an intoxicating shine and fuller appearance.

Shu Uemura Color Lustre Brilliant Glaze Treatment

Nothing works like the Shu Uemura Color Lustre Brilliant Glaze Treatment when good hair is essential. Packed with ingredients like musk rose oil and goji berry extract, this mask leaves deeply nourishing the hair, restoring the hair’s protective layers and leaving your locks unbelievably silky. Known for its inherent healing properties, the musk rose oil not only gives this product a beautiful aroma, but the oil is rich in fatty acids that strengthen the hair fiber—the goji berry extract seals in color.


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Jun 01

Galentine's Day is the ultimate celebration of friendship and self-love! ?? This curated list of must- image clipping path services haves from Renew Beauty Med Spa is a game-changer for pampering yourself and showing appreciation to your besties. From luxurious skincare to indulgent spa treatments, these picks are sure to make your Galentine's Day unforgettable. Treat yourself and your squad to a day of relaxation, rejuvenation, and love. Cheers to friendship and feeling fabulous!


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