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Renew Beauty Celebrates National Botox Cosmetic Day 11.16.22 with Bubbly & Botox!

The biggest event of the year for iconic brand Allergan Aesthetics, the makers of Botox & Juvederm dermal fillers is here.

Thirty years ago, it would have been inconceivable to think that the fountain of youth would be invented in a tiny bottle. Three decades later, men and women are enjoying the benefits of wrinkle free skin by this safe and effective medical cosmetic product.

Touted as a secret weapon to combat fine lines and wrinkles, erase angry lines and crow’s feet, Founder Louise Proulx says

"National Botox Cosmetic Day is in its 4th year and brings awareness to clients of all ages that prevention and correction is possible- a good time to get started with Botox is when you feel you have the need to enhance your beauty at any age."

The nursing team at Renew Beauty Med Spa is reminding guests to stop by or call and take advantage of the once a year savings.

With the holiday season in full swing – the busiest time of year for injectors – the week-long

celebration is the perfect time to unveil your most beautiful self!

Toast with a complimentary glass of champagne to $9.99 (per unit) Botox injections; free lip flips with

the purchase of 30 units of Botox. Greater savings are offered & gift with purchase of additional units with quantities if 50 or more.

About Renew Beauty Med Spa & Wellness

Renew Beauty is ranked in the top 25th of medical aesthetic accounts with Allergan Aesthetics. Specializing in cosmetic injections, skin rejuvenation and laser esthetics , Clients have come to trust the expertise of their team , with more than 14 years of experience in the medical spa industry.

Trust the expertise of our nurses, with more than 14 years of expertise in cosmetic injections. Promotions will be available at the NorthPark Center and Stonebriar Centre in Frisco locations celebrating all week long with special savings for guest - including $9.99 injections all week and gifts with purchase.

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Discover a new you at Renew Beauty Med Spa & Salon and learn about the best skin rejuvenation techniques for your face, skin, and body- our non invasive, state of the art technology will help you achieve, softer smoother skin and a more youthful appearance - all over.

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