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How to Protect Your Skin Against Conditions That Could Cause Discoloration

Summer may be winding down, but the amount of time you spend in the sun may not be.

Doctors say if you're not protecting your skin properly, you could end up with a common skin condition you wouldn't expect.

Mandy Dauses is relying on laser treatments to help keep past mistakes from affecting her skin.

"I grew up in a time when we didn't use sunscreen!" said Dauses, who spends most of her days outdoors as a rancher in Corsicana.

Years of not using sun protection resulted in a condition called melasma, the discoloration of the skin.

It's most commonly associated with pregnant woman because a sudden shift in hormones is one of the main causes, but experts say many people don't realize it can happen to anyone.

"It doesn't discriminate. It affects all races, skin types and all genders," said Renew Beauty Medspa Registered Nurse Heather Hood Galliani. "It's usually on the check, forehead or upper lip, which makes it look like a shadow or mustache."

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