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How to take care of your skin during a stressful pandemic winter, according to the experts.

Updated: Jan 14, 2022

Holiday stress, masks and seasonal change can wreak havoc on your skin.

Before you rush to lather on additional moisturizer, though, Louis Proulx with Renew Beauty wants you to know that overusing products can make the problem worse.

"The trick is to make sure when you’re applying product to have a skin surface that is clear and free of dead skin cells," Proulx explained. "It’s important that you are exfoliating at least a few times a week and protecting your skin before you hydrate with serums."

Once you do that, the next thing she says to do is think about your morning routine.

"Vitamin C or any sort of antioxidant first thing in the morning is an important part of your daily care regimen," Proulx said. "It’s going to brighten your skin and protect your skin from free radical damage."

Proulx says once you start turning on the heater in your car or home, your skin will naturally be drier. Look for an oil-free moisturizer, as it will help with "mask-ne," along with products that are considered “deep-penetrating."

"When you are exfoliating, you should not just simply rinse the product off but scrub around the nasal area, around the jaw line and really make sure you’re using 2 to 3 minutes, going by section all over the skin," she explained.

Plus, using a mask to hydrate your skin can go a long way, Proulx said.

"It might seem like this might be a time-consuming or expensive regimen, but there are so many skincare options to make sure you are keeping your skin looking healthy."

A few other tips?

Drink a lot of water and consider a hydrating facial mist you can apply throughout the day to moisturize and calm your skin– just take your face mask off first!

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