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Wellness Taking Shape: Unlock Your Best Self with Emsculpt Neo

Updated: Nov 25, 2022

Influencer Kornelija Slunjski’s self-care routine is all about healing her mind, body and soul, with help from Emsculpt Neo.

Whether you’re looking for a new beauty regimen, self-care tips, or some simple words of wisdom, Kornelija Slunjski (@kokobeaute) has your back. The Croatian make-up artist and content creator has become the internet’s “boujee best friend,” putting her followers on to all of the products and practices that help her look and feel her best.

“I feel like my best self when I’ve helped my followers through a hard time and had a positive impact on their life and mindset,” the Miami-based influencer says.

Her latest self-care obsession is [Emsculpt Neo], an innovative, non-invasive body shaping treatment that both reduces fat and tones muscle.

“I love to try new beauty treatments, and Emsculpt Neo has quickly become one of my favorites,” she gushes. “I saw such a difference in my stomach area after just three treatments. I’m manifesting one of these machines in my future home!”

When combined with a healthy and active lifestyle, Emsculpt Neo can help you achieve your body goals. The four recommended sessions are just 30 minutes long and take place over a period of six weeks. Through a series of vibrations and heat, Emsculpt Neo contracts the muscles in a way that is not possible during a regular workout.

Treatment is simple and effective, with no pain or downtime afterwards, so you can get right back to living your best life. For Slunjski, that means taking a holistic approach to health, one that soothes her mind, body and soul.

“As I entered my 30s, I finally began to understand my body, and wanted to really start treating it right,” Slunjski explains. “I eat intuitively, go to bed and wake up early and try to view workouts as part of my routine, rather than as a chore.”

The wellness doesn’t stop there. To satisfy her curious mind, Slunjski listens to podcasts about self-development and entrepreneurship, pulling inspiration to meet her own personal and professional goals. She also practices meditation, to help her stay in the present even when life gets hectic.

“For me, self-care means putting myself first when I need to, and doing the things that I know will make me happy,” she says. Some ways she puts herself first include implementing no-phone days, listening to her body and sometimes saying “no.”

“Nothing is more important than how you feel,” Slunjski insists. “This is the only body I’ve got.”

Want to learn more about what Emsculpt Neo can do for you and your wellbeing? Click here to learn more about Emsculpt Neo or call us today at 214-369-1600 to schedule your complimentary one-on-one consultation!

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