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Revanesse Versa



Less Swelling, Longer Results

Loss of volume and definition is a frequent concern for aging women and men. Whether you have started to notice the loss of your youthful complexion or are in search of a sculpted face, Renew Beauty Med Spa has nonsurgical solutions that will give you stunning results. 


Renew Beauty offers Revanesse Versa in Dallas and Frisco, TX. This FDA-approved injectable filler offers beautiful and profound results without the downtime of surgery. To get the most out of your treatment, you must book with a qualified injector like the skilled professionals at Renew Beauty Med Spa. We offer the best aesthetic expertise in the Dallas-Fortworth metroplex to give you results that make you feel confident and beautiful. Contact us today to book your Revanesse Versa consultation nearby

What is Revanesse Versa?

Revanesse Versa is a hyaluronic acid-based filler used to correct signs of aging and add volume and definition to the skin. Hyaluronic acid or “HA” is a substance naturally produced by the body. As we age HA begins to naturally break down, leading to loss of volume, wrinkling, and skin folds. Revanesse Versa works by directly treating the cause of signs of aging and replenishing lost HA or adding it to areas where the patient desires more definition. 


Revanesse Versa is FDA-approved and a top choice for many injectors due to its safety, longevity, and natural results. 


Revanesse Versa VS Surgery

If you are looking to treat signs of aging, you may have considered more invasive options like plastic surgery. While surgery can be an ideal option for some, many patients do not want to undergo the uncertainty of invasive treatment or deal with downtime. Surgeries like a facelift can require up to 6 weeks of recovery, while most Revanesse Versa patients can return to their normal activities the same day. 


Many patients are astounded by the results they achieve with fillers and other injectables alone. We offer treatments including a “liquid facelift” that can treat numerous signs of aging at once without having to undergo surgery. Combining treatments such as BOTOX, Revanesse Versa, lasers, and more can help you to achieve a stunning new look without major downtime. 

What is treatment like?

At Renew Beauty Med Spa in Dallas, we take great care to ensure that all our patients leave with results that make them feel beautiful and confident. We want your experience to be an opportunity for you to relax, refresh, and rejuvenate with professionals you can trust. 


When you book a treatment for Revanesse Versa you will meet with our team to discuss treatment options, your aesthetic goals, and what you can expect from treatment. 


If you are a candidate for treatment, we will start by numbing the area with a topical anesthetic. This helps to ensure that your treatment is comfortable and pain-free. Your injector will outline the areas to be injected to obtain your desired results. The actual injection process is fast and takes under 30 minutes. After your treatment, we will give you instructions on how to minimize swelling and get the most out of your results. 



Aftercare is simple and will be explained in detail by your injector.


In general, we recommend:

  • Icing the area

  • Drinking plenty of water after treatment

  • Avoiding direct sunlight for 24 hours 

  • Applying calming topicals like arnica 

  • Avoid touching the area injected 

Is Revanesse Versa only for women?

Absolutely not! Men can benefit just as much from treatment with Revanesse Versa. Men suffer just as much from the degradation of hyaluronic acid and treatment can help ensure you maintain a youthful look that will benefit you in your personal and professional life. Your provider will work with you to ensure that your results are natural-looking and enhance your features. 


Popular treatments with men of any age include jawline and chin contouring for a more masculine, defined look. 


Am I a Candidate for Treatment?

Revanesse Versa is an ideal treatment for most patients, provided they are healthy and have not had an adverse reaction to filler in the past.


If the following criteria apply to you, you may be a good candidate for Revanesse Versa close-by:

  • You are looking for a nonsurgical way to improve your complexion

  • You are in generally good health

  • You have realistic expectations regarding treatment

  • You want to add volume to your skin (i.e. the lips, jawline, nose) that cannot be treated with OTC methods

  • You have had fillers in the past and been satisfied with the result 

  • You are willing to follow proper aftercare protocols


The following patients are not a candidate for Revanesse Versa or should seek guidance before treatment:

  • Pregnant or nursing women 

  • You are under the age of 18

  • Those with severe acne or rosacea 

  • You have an allergy to hyaluronic acid 



It is important to note that Revanesse Versa is meant to treat mild to moderate signs of aging. If you have severe volume loss or want more dramatic results, you may benefit more from alternative treatments or surgery. Versa can also not treat discoloration such as undereye darkening or hyperpigmentation in the skin. For these concerns, we recommend asking one of our providers about Renew Beauty´s laser treatments


Is it safe?

Yes! Revanesse Versa is FDA-approved and has been clinically studied on over 300 patients with varying skin types and tones. In all studies, no adverse reaction was reported.

Is there downtime?

No. One of the best benefits of treatment with Revanesse Versa is that the treatment results in minimal swelling. You may notice some minor redness or tenderness in the area of injection. However, it is easy to cover any redness with makeup and treat tenderness with ice. 


Most of our Revanesse Versa patients can return to normal activities or work within one day. We recommend waiting 24 to 48 hours to resume strenuous activities like working out to reduce the potential of swelling. 

Are there side effects?

In clinical studies, there have been no adverse reactions to Revanesse Versa. Any side effects are both minimal and temporary. Patients should expect potential side effects like tenderness, bruising, or redness to resolve within a few days after treatment. 


How can I prolong my results?

To get the most out of your Revanesse Versa treatment, we recommend several personal care tips:


  1. Follow proper aftercare: Your provider will give you several aftercare instructions to follow to get the most out of your treatment and to maintain your results.

  2. Wear sunscreen: This is something we recommend for all of our patients, regardless of treatment. Using proper suncare protects your skin and filler from harmful UV rays that can cause your skin to dry out and age faster. We recommend a clinically tested sunscreen like SkinMedica

  3. Healthy lifestyle: Drink plenty of water, eat fresh fruits and vegetables, and avoid high-sugar foods to get the most out of your treatment. The last tip is especially important as excessive sugar in your diet can cause inflammation and make your filler break down quicker. 

  4. Skincare: Utilize medical-grade skincare products to encourage collagen production and keep your skin youthful. We offer several products to maintain your results at our Dallas and Frisco practices. 

  5. Maintenance appointments: Keep up on your treatments! When you notice that your filler results begin to diminish give us a call to make your next appointment. Getting regular treatments will ensure the longevity of your results.

How long will my results last?

Treatment with Revanesse Versa can last up to 12 months, depending on the treatment area and the amount of filler used. During your consultation, your provider can tell you exactly what you can expect from Revanesse Versa and when you will need to return for subsequent treatment. Getting your filler treatments every 9-12 months is the best way to ensure prolonged and visible results. 


Book your Revanesse Versa treatment today

Curious to learn more about treatment with Revanesse Versa? We would love to meet with you to answer any questions you have about treatment and come up with a customized treatment based on your unique goals. 


Renew Beauty Med Spa is a premiere aesthetic practice in the Dallas-Fortworth-Metroplex. We have two locations to offer convenient treatment for our patients. You can find us at both NorthPark Center and Stonebriar Centre. We are open 7 days a week and in the evenings to meet your schedule. 


Give us a call today to book your Revanesse Versa treatment in Dallas or Frisco! We cannot wait to meet you. 

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