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Have you been wanting to lose some extra inches of body fat, but you don’t want to get liposuction? Does the thought of liposuction scare you because it is surgery? Well many of us want to lose that extra fat. Some of us do diet and exercise to keep a well-toned and healthy body, but some people don’t like to exercise. So, if you don’t like to exercise, but the thought of liposuction just gives you the creeps, don’t worry Renew Beauty Med Spa and Salon offers a treatment that will help you. Renew Beauty Med Spa and Salon offers i-lipo Dallas. I-lipo Dallas is a non-invasive laser procedure that helps decrease body fat. I-Lipo Dallas is a Liposuction alternative that can help you get the weight loss needs you have been wanting without having to get surgery.














What is I-lipo Dallas?

Liposuction has been quite known to be the procedure to help you lose that stubborn fat. I-Lipo is like Liposuction, when it comes to results but the procedure is totally different. I-Lipo is an alternative when it comes to liposuction. I-Lipo is a laser treatment that focuses on areas of unwanted fat. It is a fat reduction treatment that focuses toning the body. *

The I-Lipo Dallas procedure:

The procedure begins with the patient getting measured and asked what are his or her goals. Then the patient proceeds to a room where they lay down and they are wrapped up in a warm blanket. They are in the blanket for about 20 minutes and the medical expert starts applying four paddles. In these paddles there are nine holes and through those holes there are 32 beams of laser light that focus on the fat cells. *

Those laser lights start to target and enter the fat cells, which leads the fat cells to shrink. The fat cells are like a grape shape, as the laser light focuses on the “grape cells” they begin to shrink and get smaller. As they shrink the then grape becomes a small raisin. *

When those paddles are on one side for about 20 minutes they are placed on the other side and the same procedure takes place. *














What areas does I-Lipo Dallas target?

The I-Lipo procedure can target any area of the body but there are three areas that are more popular than the others and those areas are the:

  • Abdomen*

  • Love handles*

  • Thighs*

How many treatments should a person receive?

Depending on the person and their individual goal depends on how many treatments they need or want. But some patients need the minimum of 8 treatments, which is recommended. Those treatments happen within 4 weeks. But again, individual treatments depend on the person. *













When can you see results?

Depending on some patients, they see results right away after the treatment. Some patients after the treatment lose up to 4 inches, but it depends on the patient and how the procedure works with your body. *


What is the best way to maintain results?

The best way to maintain the results after the I-Lipo Dallas procedure are:

  • Make good diet choices *

  • Stay away from sugars and alcohol *

  • Make sure to eat right and exercise *



*Disclaimer: Individual Results will vary