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Skin Rejuvenation

Over time, natural aging, sun exposure, and loss of collagen can leave skin looking lackluster, discolored and showing signs of fine lines and wrinkles. Renew Beauty MedSpa offers the latest technology in non-surgical treatments, customized to your skin's individual condition and needs, this includes therapies such as Medical Grade Chemical peel, Microdermabrasion, Photofacial, IR Skin tightening, non-surgical skin resurfacing.



Cosmetic Injection treatments can freshen your appearance an minimize or eliminate visible signs of stress, aging or genetics. We recommend a complimentary consultation to determine which product is best to achieve the results you desire. Prices vary and are based on consultation.

Skin & Body Tightening

Many of us — even those who eat clean and spend hours at the gym — just can't seem to reach our goals when it comes to our bodies. We are proud to offer an array of body contouring and skin treatments to help you achieve your dream body.

Whether it's building muscle, losing fat, tightening the skin, or even refining the skin on your body, we have a best-in-class treatment that is effective in reaching your aesthetic goal quicker and more effectively! 

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Laser Aesthetics

Elevate your beauty journey with our comprehensive Laser Aesthetics services, featuring cutting-edge treatments tailored to redefine your skin's radiance. Experience the transformative power of BBL & IPL Photofacials, Clear & Brilliant®, and Fraxel® for skin rejuvenation.  Embrace the tightening effects of Radio Frequency Therapy, Morpheus8, and Thermage for a youthful, lifted appearance. Trust our expert team to curate a personalized treatment plan, delivering exceptional results and a renewed sense of confidence.

Wellness & Weight Loss

Kick start your weight loss with our 7-day detox program! We also have HCG which is a safe and effective rapid weight loss. You will lose fat, not muscle. Lipo B Shots to control body fat through fat metabolism. Vitamins, Vitamin Therapy, Myers Cocktail, and so much more!


Laser Hair Removal

We offer the most complete Laser Hair Removal system on the market. Our FDA approved laser can permanently rid you of unwanted body and facial hair. All hair removal procedures are safe and effective for both women and men of any skin type. Treatment Areas include: Upper lip, Chin, Face, Shoulders, Chest, Back, Underarms, Abdomen, Bikini, Legs, Arms, Hands and Feet.

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