Protecting your Spring skin from the sun
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Protecting your Spring skin from the sun

How To Get Savvy About Your Spring Skin

Spring is here in North Texas! After a crazy winter, so many of our clients at Renew Beauty are ready for some amazing outdoor adventures. Spring is synonymous with outdoor activities. Whether you’re hitting the parks, the trails, or lounging by your pool, the sun is going to be along for the ride, and it’s important to prep your skin before you even step outside!

While you’re outdoors, let's talk about sunscreen

Sunscreen is definitely not “one type fits all!” It’s important to identify the ingredients of a particular sunscreen and how it reacts with your skin type. Two of the most important ingredients to look for in a sunscreen are zinc and titanium dioxide. Also, depending on what activity you’re doing, make sure you have a sunscreen that’s sweat/water resistant.

Some people worry about sunscreen creating breakouts, so they don’t want to wear it. This can be a big myth! Some sunscreens are actually moisturizing. Just make sure it’s dermatology tested. Some sunscreens can actually be a treatment, too! It acts as a barrier from the sun, but also has essential antioxidants to hydrate the skin. Bonus!

Don’t forget to apply your sunscreen to your lips. Your lips are just as important. Before you apply, exfoliate so you can get rid of dead skin cells – this helps cracking and dryness. Be sure to get SPF 15-30 in lip antioxidants and balms for extra protection. Staying hydrated is important too for keeping your lips from burning.

Tip: Remember, if you’re in direct sunshine, re-apply your 50 SPF sunscreen every 50 minutes – 50 for 50 is an easy way to remember it! 45 SPF or 50 SPF for the face is absolutely essential. Different kinds of sunscreen, like moisturizing sunscreens, body sprays or water-resistant sunscreens, can sometimes offer up to 80 minutes of protection. Be sure to read the label, and always lean on the conservative side.

Come by and visit us and we will help you pick the perfect sunscreen for your Spring skin. Stay sun protected!