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Renew Beauty Med Spa Ranked in Top 200 CoolSculpting Providers

DALLAS, Sept. 19, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Renew Beauty Med Spa ( is one of the top CoolSculpting providers in the nation, ranking them as an account in their top 200 providers by the Allergan Partner Privilege Program. This award emphasizes Renew Beauty's dedication and commitment to ensuring their clients receive premium aesthetic treatments. As owner Louise Proulx states, "It represents the expertise and extensive skills our staff provides with each treatment."

Over 6 million CoolSculpting treatments have been provided worldwide. The fat-reduction treatment continues to garner popularity as non-invasive fat-reduction procedures are taking over surgical options like liposuction. Along with CoolSculpting, Renew offers an array of fat loss treatments that require no downtime; an option appealing for those who don't have the time or desire to recover from surgery. Allergan acknowledges that, "The certification is awarded to leaders in the field of medical aesthetics and demonstrates their commitment to innovation, excellence, and the highest level of patient care."

Renew Beauty has performed over 1,500 successful CoolSculpting procedures in Dallas and the surrounding Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. Their certified staff aim to provide each patient with exceptional results which they can proudly showcase with confidence. The team is led by Carley Smith, who has been with Renew for over 7 years.

Aside from CoolSculpting, Renew offers an array of services within their luxury spa. Amongst their most popular treatments are Botox, lip enhancement, and facial contouring with dermal fillers.

Louise Proulx, the owner of Renew, remarks that, "At Renew we offer a full spectrum of premium aesthetic treatments and unique medical services to help our clients defy the aging process…our personalized treatments and luxury products are curated to help you look and feel like your best self."

About Renew Beauty

Renew Beauty Med Spa is dedicated to helping patients feel and look their best at any age.  For over 10 years, Renew Beauty has specialized in the latest advances in skin rejuvenation, anti-aging and laser aesthetics. Located in NorthPark Center, Renew Beauty is a full service, all-inclusive med spa that aims to provide their patients with unprecedented prevention and rejuvenation treatments. Their extensive list of services boasts the most popular and quality cosmetic, medical, and wellness treatments including CoolSculpting, chemical peels, non-surgical skin resurfacing treatments, laser hair removal, cosmetic injectables and more.

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Discover a new you at Renew Beauty Med Spa & Salon and learn about the best skin rejuvenation techniques for your face, skin, and body- our non invasive, state of the art technology will help you achieve, softer smoother skin and a more youthful appearance - all over.

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