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Hungarian Herbal Mud Treatment

Hungarian Herbal Mud Treatment


Eminence Organics Hungarian Herbal Mud Treatment treats and prevents future breakouts to promote a clear, radiant complexion. Hungarian herbal mud enriches your skin with nourishing minerals, as it eliminates impurities and balances oil production. Formulated with willow and linden tea, this face mask soothes and hydrates, while paprika and cinnamon invigorate to revitalize a lackluster look.


How to use:

Emulsify a small amount of masque in your hand with a few drops of water. Apply evenly over the entire face. The neck and the decollete can be treated, if desired. Allow the masque to dry for 5-10 minutes. Use a lukewarm face cloth in a circular motion to gently scrub off the masque. Rinse thoroughly with clear water. A hot tingling sensation for a few minutes and temporary redness for up to 2 hours is a natural reaction after application of this masque. For milder stimulation, dilute it with water.


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