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Fight Brown Spots, Redness & More

Either it's from age, the sun, or anything in between, this best in class technology effectively targets and eliminates brown spots and redness to leave you with clear, radiant skin that you'll love!

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What is a Sciton BBL?

This premier laser treatment offers superior rejuvenation and skin enhancement. Our BBL treatments use a broad spectrum of wavelengths to target your skin’s underlying layers. As your skin absorbs this light energy, your body begins producing collagen and begins to eliminate pigmented (darker) skin cells, broken capillaries, and acne causing bacteria.

What can a Sciton BBL help with?

To clear overall skin tone and even out the complexion. 

  • Damaged skin from sun exposure, harmful products, and pollution

  • Dark spots

  • Redness or rosacea

  • Acne

  • Vascular lesions

  • Fine lines and wrinkles

  • Scars

  • Large pores

  • Dull skin

  • Uneven tone and texture

  • loose or saggings skin

  • Melasma

How does Sciton BBL work?

Sciton BBL uses broad-spectrum light energy, encompassing a range of wavelengths, to target specific skin concerns. It works on the principle of selective photothermolysis, where the light energy is absorbed by the targeted areas of the skin, such as pigmented lesions or blood vessels while leaving the surrounding tissue unharmed.

What Makes Our Technology Different?

Sciton BBl is the fastest light-based technology available for younger-looking skin.

  1. It delivers faster, more powerful, and more comfortable results.

  2.  Painful treatments are a thing of the past thanks to Sciton BBL’s signature handpiece that gently removes pigment and other skin imperfections.

  3. With the broadest range of wavelengths on the market our patients can experience exceptional results in as little as one treatment. A single pass addresses the skin’s overall appearance, while multiple passes provide the appearance of tighter skin and correct pigmented lesions, skin flushing, acne, and more.

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What Is The Recovery Time After Treatment?

Sciton BBL typically involves minimal downtime. Patients may experience mild redness or a sunburn-like sensation immediately after the treatment, but these effects generally subside within a few hours.

How Many Sessions Are Necessary?

The number of treatment sessions required can vary depending on the individual and the specific concerns being addressed. While patients typically see results after their first session, multiple sessions are recommended for Sciton BBL treatments to achieve optimal results. The interval between sessions may also vary depending on the treatment plan prescribed by the dermatologist or skincare professional.

Do I need to prep for a BBL?

Patients about to undergo an Sciton BBL treatment are usually asked to avoid self-tanners and excessive sun for 2 – 4 weeks prior to the procedure. You should discontinue the use of minocycline, tetracycline, doxycycline or Retin-A/Renova several days before each treatment and may be asked to take aspirin or ibuprofen a week before the procedure to help prevent bruising. You should also protect the treated areas with sunscreen between sessions.


What makes Renew Beauty your best choice for Sciton BBL in Dallas, Frisco and Arlington?

With over 14 years of beauty industry excellence, we provide beauty services you can trust, specializing in solutions for all skin types, and customize a treatment plan for you.

Our team of beauty experts are here to help you navigate complex skin concerns, make recommendations for your next refresh and ultimately, help you feel safe and secure when moving forward with your next med spa service.

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