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Have you looked in the mirror lately and wondered where did this sagging skin come from? Or have you lost weight and you want to show off your body, but you can’t because of that extra skin? As we get older our skin begins to change. Sometimes it changes in the not so effective way. When a person loses weight, they should be very proud, but sometimes there is extra skin and hard to trim it down. The loose skin can lower a person’s confidence in their appearance and us here at Renew Beauty Medical don’t want that to happen. We know as people get older they have loose or extra skin they wish they didn’t have, which is why we offer treatments that can fix that problem. Renew Beauty Medical offers two treatments that focus on Skin Tightening and those treatments are Refirme and VelaShape. Wrinkles, folds, and extra skin are hard to dwindle, but there is a way to help tighten that loose skin and make you feel like a new and younger you.*

Refirme Skin Tightening

When it comes to skin tightening there is a treatment that can help with that. If you want to tighten lose skin and help smooth out folds and wrinkles then you need to try Refirme Skin tightening. The important thing about Refirme is it is like a facelift but you don’t have to go under the knife. Refirme is good for those who are scared to get surgery, but want to do something about the extra skin. Refirme is for both men and women who want to smooth out wrinkles. Refirme also helps with facial concerns. Refirme helps tighten lose skin and smooths out wrinkles without having to do surgery. The treatment areas for Refirme are the face, neck, abdomen, upper arms and the knees.*
















The goal for VelaShape is to try to be a great body treatment it can be, especially in the anesthetic world. VelaShape also cuts down on skin laxity, and the purpose of Velashape is to help tighten the skin. VelaShape does wonders because it does help tighten skin, but it also tries to give you the body shape you have been working for. If you recently lost some weight and you want to show off your body, but you have extra skin that just is ruining your happiness. Well the VelaShape is for you. It helps tighten skin that is sloppy and loose, but it also lessen cellulite. VelaShape depending on the patient takes about 3 treatments if you want to reach your ending goal. Velashape will also help you feel younger.

Velashape has several areas that it can help such as under the chin, arms, thighs, buttocks, flank and abdomen. It uses an infrared light that has bi-polar frequency which heats up the fat cells. VelaShape also restores lost collagen. With doing that it helps restore and tighten lose skin and body volume. It helps lessen skin laxity.

Some patients stated that the procedure feels like a warm massage. The main goal during the treatment is to make sure you are comfortable. After the treatment, depending on the patient, he or she may experience a warm feeling for a couple of hours. Also, your skin might be pink for a couple of hours.*

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