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The VI Peel

Nothing is worse than noticing your face doesn’t feel or look the same as it once did. Now do you notice wrinkles, dry or rough skin and pigmentation? The aging process can be brutal, but that doesn’t have to be the case. There are several dermal fillers that can help treat these facial concerns, such as Botox or Juvederm but are there other alternatives? We here at Renew Beauty Med Spa and Salon offer the alternatives when it comes to addressing the aging skin problem. What are the alternatives? The alternatives that Renew Beauty offers are Medical Peels. We can’t stop aging from coming, but medical peels such as the VI Peel, which is offered at Renew Beauty Med Spa can help slow down the process when it comes to aging facial concerns.



















What is the VI Peel?

Aging is not the only thing that can affect our skin. So many other factors contribute to having rough skin or pigmentation. Some of those factors are being exposed to the sun or even the environment. The VI Peel is here to change those facial concerns. The VI Peel Dallas is a non-invasive method, when it comes to bringing your skin back to life. *

The VI Peel Dallas has many rewarding outcomes. Some outcomes after using VI Peel Dallas are wrinkles and facial lines are softened which decreases the chance of them appearing. Another positive outcome when it comes to VI Peel Dallas is it brings back healthier skin and gives you more of a balance skin tone. The VI Peel also helps smooth out any rough skin. *


















What does the VI Peel Help?

  • Fine Lines*

  • Sun Damage*

  • Wrinkles*

  • Acne Scarring*

  • Pore Size*

What is the VI Peel Dallas Procedure?

The VI Peel is telling your skin it is time for something new. The peel is rejuvenating the skin. The cosmetic expert applies the peel to the area you wish to treat. The procedure can sometimes be pain-free, it just depends on the patient. The procedure can take about 20-30 minutes. After the peel is on the target area, it must stay on the face for the next 5 to 6 hours. *

What happens after the procedure?

The VI Peel doesn’t keep you from doing your usual routine. You can go to work or pick up your kids. A few days after the procedure the “old skin” will begin to peel off, so the “new skin” can appear. The peel will help improve the look, tone and texture of your facial skin. The VI Peel goal is to help you have younger and healthier looking skin. If patients want to continue to receive the peel, he or she should get the VI peel one time every three months. *


*Disclaimer: Individual Results will vary.

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