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Thermage FLX 

Powerful, non-surgical skin tightening


Thermage FLX will leave you with smooth, youthful skin

If you´ve started to notice loose skin around your face or body, you aren´t alone. Skin elasticity has multiple causes including aging, pregnancy, sun exposure, and weight change. Anyone who has tried to treat loose skin on their own knows that it can be a frustrating endeavor. Typically, over-the-counter skin creams and at-home treatments do little to nothing to treat the problem which leaves many considering surgery.

Renew Beauty Med Spa offers Thermage FLX in Dallas and Frisco, TX. Thermage FLX is a non-surgical and effective way to restore firmness to your skin on any part of the body. After just a single treatment, Thermage patients can expect profound results.


Our Thermage FLX system utilizes the latest technology giving patients fast and reliable treatments. With enhanced comfort technology built-in, you can be sure that your treatment is painless while still providing you with stellar results. 


Curious about a Thermage FLX treatment near you? Learn more about this revolutionary technology and book your consultation with Renew Beauty Med Spa today.