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Weight Loss Plans

Have you been trying to lose weight but diet and exercise aren’t helping? Most of us just want to lose some body fat to fit in that cute dress or jeans and some of us want to lose weight so we can change our lifestyle. Either way the main goal is to lose weight and be healthy. There are many diets and weight loss programs that claim to help you lose weight, but the right way. But sadly, some of those diets and programs can disappoint you. Even though some diets and weight loss programs don’t seem to be doing the trick, we here at Renew Beauty have weight loss plans! Renew Beauty has some weight loss plans that can help you reach your weight loss goal! We offer variety of weight loss plans, that way you can choose the one that may suit you and may aid in the accomplishment of your weight loss goal. We here at Renew Beauty located in Dallas, Texas offer three weight loss plans! Those plans are Lipo Shots and Detox weight loss programs. Let’s get to know the programs, shall we?













Lipo B shots

Lipo B shots are weight loss shots! It controls not just body fat, but also the metabolism. Lipo B Shots help with reducing fat that is around the liver. The fat that is taken away from your liver makes your weight loss goal easier to keep track of. When Lipo B shots combines with compounds, it helps diminish the amount of fat. Lipo B shots are to be taken once a week if you want to reach your goal. It depends on the person on how long they should get the Lipo B shot. Some people see results rather quickly. Lipo B shots can also increase energy, give you a faster metabolism and give you a stronger immune system. Are Lipo B shots for you?







Detox weight loss programs

Renew Beauty offer a 7 Day Detox program. But before we can discuss what’s the program lets first figure out where to toxins come from? Toxins can be found in either caffeine, alcohol, cosmetics, prescriptions, or some foods and sugars and even chemicals such as paint or cleaning supplies. The 7 Day Detox program has many benefits such as hormone balance, decreased sugar cravings, improved digestion, decreased stress response, increases energy, clearer skin and other benefits. The 7 Day Detox kit includes supplements, protein shakes, grocery list, clean eating recipes and meal plans!

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Contact us today to schedule your complimentary consultation at our clinic in Dallas, Texas. We will help you to decide which of these treatments or if a combination of them can help you get the beautiful results you’ve been dreaming of!

*Results for each patient will vary. The information provided will not guarantee your eligibility for treatment. Consultation and medical examination must be completed before approval.

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