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Restylane vs Radiesse


In the anesthetics world there are so many diverse types of Dermal Fillers! There are some that help your lips, cheeks, neck and other parts of your body. There are so many out there but which one do you use for a specific area? How do dermal fillers differ from each other? More importantly how do specific dermal fillers differ from one another? For instance, how do you Restlylane and Radiesse differ from each other? Restylane and Radiess are both dermal fillers, but they are different. Restylane vs Radiesse have some similarities but they also have some differences. But what are they? What do they treat? We here at Renew Medical Spa will help explain the difference and similarities between Dermal Fillers Restylane vs Radiesse. That way when you come and visit us you will be comfortable on which dermal filler you decide to move forward with!













What is Restylane?

Restylane is a dermal filler that is FDA approved. The main purpose of Restylane is it helps add volume to the cheek and lip area. Restylane is a brand of injectables. Depending on the brand of Restylane it treats different facial concerns. Restylane is composed of synthetic hyaluronic acid. The focus of Restylane is to restore volume that was lost within the body. *











Different types of Restylane Treatments

Previously stated Restylane has assorted brands that treat different facial concerns. There are two diverse types of Restylane and each of them focuses on a different problem when it comes to the face.

The first type of Restylane focuses on treating both wrinkles and facial folds:











The second type of Restylane treats the lips and cheeks. It adds volume to both the lips and cheeks and improves the structure of both.

  • Restylane Silk: Provides the delicate improvement to the lips to give it a more rounded appearance. It also helps smooth out any lines around the lips

  • Restylane Lyft: This treatment lifts and adds volume to the cheek area


What is Radiesse?

Radiesse is a dermal filler that focuses on adding volume to the skin. The FDA approved injectable treats wrinkles and facial folds. Radiesse can also help patients that want more volume in the back of their hands. When injected, it is mixed with lidocaine in hopes of diminishing the pain. *











What can Radiesse treat?

Radiesse can treat the following facial concerns:

  • Smile Lines*

  • Vocal Cord Correction*

  • Jaw line Contouring*

  • Chin Reshaping*

  • Cheek Enhancement*

  • Lip Augmentation*

  • Frown lines*

Restylane vs Radiesse

Even though Restylane vs Radiesse are dermal fillers and have some similarities they are also different. Restylane vs Radiesse both treat the same skin and facial concerns such as wrinkles and facial folds, but they have different results. The results of both injectables differ. Restylane results can last about six months, while Radiesse results can last a year or two. The results will vary for both dermal fillers depending on the patient. Lastly, Radiesse is different from Restylane because Radiesse can be a little bit more expensive.*

Contact our office in Dallas to schedule your dermal filler consultation. We can discuss fillers such as Radiesse and Restylane and how they can help you achieve your beauty goals!

*Results for each patient will vary. The information provided will not guarantee your eligibility for treatment. Consultation and medical examination must be completed before approval.

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